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Oud 23 april 2008, 17:37
duodiscus's schermafbeelding
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Ziggo Internet: multikabel digtale tv
DTV: kdl40w3000 eyetv610
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Elgato kent het probleem en werkt aan een oplossing.


Thanks for contacting elgato Support team. We apologize for the problems you seem to have.

An upcoming EyeTV 3 service update will be available shortly. We hope you can still wait for its release.
We fixed many CAM related issues, and it contains a fix for Dutch channels as well.
We hope this update helps you as well and would apreciate some feedback on its performance. Sadly, we can not give it out before its official release.
We hope you can still wait for the update to be released.

Best regards

Elgato Support Team

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