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Oud 28 mei 2007, 15:28
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Nat Geo Wild heeft ook zeer regelmatig beeld haperingen. Dit is ook zo'n kanaal dat bij Digital Media Centre vandaan komt zoals Film1 en Sport1.
Sorry for the English.

Have had Digital TV from Multikabel since Nov. 2006. No problems untill March. All of a sudden Nat Geo Wild and Zone Reality would freeze for 2-3 seconds then go black for 2-3 seconds then to normal again.......every 10-15 minutes! I re-wired the cables in my house, bought a new decoder (Samsung 9014R), got new scart cables and it still didn't fix it. Had Multikabel send a monteur 2x, he rewired and put in a "versterker", but still it kept happening. It occassionally happens on other channels as well, along with the blocks and strange audio noises. Very annoying. Thanks to this forum I see I'm not the only one. By the way.....I live in Hoofddorp, please add me to that list!