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Oud 24 mei 2007, 14:13
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Een kleine update:

ANGA CABLE - Cologne. (UPDATE) Zesko, the combination of Dutch cable operators Casema, Essent Kabelcom and Multikabel, has chosen the Cisco/Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8455DVB high-def PVR set-top box to launch digital on-demand services in The Netherlands. This is the first MPEG-4/H.264 product for the European cable market from the company.

The announcement heralds Cisco’s first entry into the Dutch retail market for cable tuners. The product is on show here in Cologne running the software for French operator Canal Numérique. Cisco expects to show the Dutch interface at this year’s IBC in Amsterdam. The stb will integrate the EPG, PVR functionality and on-demand content in a single user interface.

Along with Multikabel and Essent Kabelcom, Casema has previously offered HD customers a Samsung set-top, also only available in retail.
Bron: Broadband TV News

Niet alleen voor Casema, maar voor alle Zesko Holding kabelbedrijven. Dus ook voor Multikabel en Essent Kabelcom (@Home).