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Oud 27 november 2009, 16:51
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Standaard Beeldkwaliteit ESPN America

Ik ben benieuwd hoe Ziggo omgaat met de doorgifte van kwaliteit van een zender, in mijn geval ESPN America. Via het forum bij ESPN America heeft iemand het volgende gepost. Samengevat: Ziggo zou beknibbelen op de kwaliteit van ESPN America, terwijl de zender na overgang afgelopen oktober van 4:3 naar 16:9 ook een veel betere kwaliteit doorzendt. Het zou liggen aan de instellingen voor bandbreedte en FEC (speed of picture).

Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Van het froum op ESPN America.com
I can see on my tv set that the picture quality on Ziggo is still exactly the same as when they broadcast ESPNA in 4:3. The bandwith and FEC are way to low so you still can see pixelation like you did before. Only now you see more of it because the picture is larger and you can see it on more parts of the screen.
(Picture quality is influenced by two things: bandwith and speed of picture which is called FEC)

The difference with the way SKY started broadcasting ESPNA in 16:9 became obvious right away because many times ESPNA Europe and ESPNA UK broadcast the same programs simultaneously. (But to do this they use different feeds.)
The bandwith that SKY uses for the ESPNA channel must have gone way up (as their FEC has not changed) and this results in a much better picture for the ESPNA 16:9 channel on SKY.

Since nothing has changed on Ziggo, it is obvious they are still using the old parameters for this channel. If you want them to change their signal quality you should file a complaint with them. In it you should state that they can now increase the picture quality since ESPNA has upped the quality of it's feed considerably.

Previously you could not blame Ziggo for the low quallity as the original feed from ESPNA was fairly bad. I know this because this feed, which is by satellite, has been Free To Air for a considerable time and with my own sat receiver I could see how low the quality then was. But now the picture quality of the ESPNA satellite feed has gone way up so there is no reason for Ziggo (or other local providers) not to increase their picture quality of the ESPNA channel.

And they should do so as ESPNA is a sports channel and providers know that sports channels as well as movie channels need higher bandwith and / or FEC then "normal" channels in order to get good pictures. This is so because in these two categories large parts of the picture change quickly very often and this makes it much more difficult to maintain good pictures. Solution: more bandwith and / or more FEC. (preferably both)
If they do this you will notice the results straight away!

Bron: Forum op ESPN America
Heeft iemand toevallig enige aanvulling over het bovenstaande? Ik ben van plan Ziggo hierin te gaan benaderen, want bij bepaalde sporten zie ik inderdaad blokjes en is de kwaliteit niet best.