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Oud 3 oktober 2009, 21:02
Kees55's schermafbeelding
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DTV: Humax iHRD-5050c
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Na het draaien van TS-Doctor herkent ProjectX het bestand niet meer, maar het wordt nog wel in VLC afgespeeld.
ProjectX geeft dan de volgende LOG
Saturday, October 3, 2009  8:44:09 PM CEST
ProjectX (30.03.2006)
-> working with collection 0
-> save normal log file
-> write all video data
-> write all other data
-> patch c.d.flagged infos of pictures
-> add sequence end code
-> set resolution in SDE 
-> PES stream type disabled: AC3/DTS Audio
-> PES stream type disabled: LPCM Audio
-> PES stream type disabled: Teletext
-> PES stream type disabled: Subpicture
-> PES stream type disabled: Generic_VBI
-> PVA: strictly specs. for audio streams
-> VOB: determine diff. Cell timelines
-> TS: ignore scrambled packets
-> TS: enhanced search for open packets
-> TS: join file segments (of Dreambox®)
-> TS: Humax® file format adaption
-> TS: generate PMT stream dependent
-> get only enclosed PES/TS packets
-> concatenate different recordings
-> ensure 1st PES-packet start with video
-> generate PCR/SCR from PTS
-> write output files to: 'C:\Films'
-> Input File 0:  'C:\Films\Premonition_20090927_2000_fixed.log' (6,327 bytes)
-> Filetype is unknown
!> Filetype not supported !
summary of created media files:
=> 0 bytes written...
-> we have 1 warnings/errors.
Raar want het bestand is meer dan 7 GB terwijl daar 6,327 bytes staat.