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Oud 28 september 2009, 11:50
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Standaard Arris 702B modem loses Ethernet connection every 15 min.

(Sorry for posting in English, my Dutch is not very good. If you want to reply, you can do it in Dutch, I can understand it).

Since yesterday (27.09.09) my Arris 702B modem keeps losing the Ethernet link every 10-15 minutes. If I take the Ethernet cable out of the modem and then plug it back in, the connection is restored.

I tried with both a wireless router (Sitecom WL-306) and with two different laptops connected directly to the modem, same problem. So it is not the router's problem.

Restarting or resetting the modem doesn't restore the Ethernet link, only re-inserting the network cable or resetting the device (router or laptop) attached to the modem.

The problem started after I called Ziggo support because the phone was not working. They did some re-configuration of the modem, after which the phone line started to work fine, but the Ethernet problems begin.

Of course, I called again Ziggo support a number of times - and you know what a painful experience that is - but they have no clue what's happening. They want to send a technician, but that's going to take many days.

Has anyone had similar problems and maybe knows a solution?