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Oud 23 september 2009, 21:14
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I just want to publish my experience with the CI+ module and the Samsung LE46b750-P.
I've got the CI+ module from erconline (http://www.erconline.nl/) yesterday.
The whole process took only few minutes and it was smooth. Smartcard on the CAM module (i had already one from casema), CAM module on tv, 5 steps authentication and voila!!!!!.
I previously had the TV already configured with the digital channels and i've been using a samsung DCB-9401R as digital receiver.

After 24 hours, it looks like everything works fine. Picture is wonderful and the HD channel are gorgeous. Zapping speed is the same as the previous samsung receiver, +1-2 secs approx so nothing to worry about. So far, i could not dectect any issues with it, no distorsion, no lip sync or shadows. Only is that everytime TV is switch on again, the auth process shows up on screen but it last only 2 secs and that's all so not annoying at all. My postcode is 2912, former Casema network.

So, very happy with it and if i come across any issues, i'll let you know

thank you for your positive feedback !