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Oud 10 september 2009, 09:41
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Ziggo Internet: Ai1 Extra met Ubee EVM3200 en DIR 868L
DTV: CI+ Cam (Sony) / Humax 5000/5300 / Cisco 8455
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Over de smartwi :

The wireless master box will connect to the digital receivers by the wireless slave which will be inset in the receiver’s cam (embedded cam)
It will then work as the original card was inset direct in your receiver.
This solution is useful when you have more than 1 receiver in your home and will save you for paying additional extra monthly fee for extra card.
Aangezien extra smartcards bij Ziggo geen extra abo kosten met zich mee brengen is de smartwi oplossing i.g.v. Ziggo zinloos.