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Oud 30 augustus 2009, 10:15
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Hello Guys,

excuses that I am writing in english, but my dutch is not that good.
you could answere in dutch, if you have problems answering in english.
Thats maybe why I am doing a kind of double post - but I didnt find a useful answere to my problem by searching the forum.

I moved 4 Months ago to Limburg and took the Ziggo Alles-in-een-Plus abonnement.
Last month I put HDTV optie ontop of it and ordered a brand new Receiver:
HDTV Vantage 8000c.

Using a frequentie list for Network ID 1111 I could finally set up ALL Channels.
He shows me even @Home, Metakabel and other Networks.
Firmware upgrade wasnt a problem at all.
This PVR is awsesome.

But now I got stuck - he is NOT decrypting Ziggos with Firecrypt encrypted Channels.
He says "Smartcard plugged in" and recognizes it as Irdeto CA.
Yah..., but nothing more.
But in menu "Available entitlements" it says: "Card is not subcribed"

btw... putting it back into the bad Humax 9200 all works flawless and perfect - but no HD

What is the problem? What are the next steps to solve this?

Thank you guys