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Oud 14 augustus 2009, 10:49
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Ik heb de laatste versie van Platoon, en deze start ook bij mij gewoon op nu. Ik zie dat deze tool alle velden in het *.nts bestand wel aanmaakt. De overeenkomst met de originele bestanden zijn (nog) niet erg groot, en hij speelt wellicht daardoor vervolgens ook nog niet af op de Humax, maar ik zou wel een stuk verder komen als ik zou weten waar zij deze info vandaan hebben. En nee, , de source files voor de file regeneratie zitten er niet bij.

Ik heb maar weer gepolst bij de makers over hoe en wat.

Gezien de reactie van onze oosterburen houden zij liever de kaarten dicht tegen de borst.


Message from: HillPet
Date: Thursday, August 13th 2009, 11:38pm
To: shrike
Subject: RE: RE: nts/hmt formats
Hi Shrike,
Sorry to hear that, comparing functional results of my tool and your tool and listening to the feedback I receive from the Ziggo forum about both tools, I believe the flow of information might go into your direction. Sharing information would probably speed up the overall development time of a fully functional tool.
Feel free to use each and any info you can get from the tool and PDF you can find on my website.

Message from: shrike
Date: Thursday, August 13th 2009, 7:44pm
To: HillPet
Subject: RE: nts/hmt formats
Hello Peter,
I've discussed this with the our developer team and we have decided not to enclose any information of our progress. Sorry about that.
Best regards,

Message from: HillPet
Date: Wednesday, August 12th 2009, 7:26pm
To: shrike
Subject: nts/hmt formats
Hi Shrike,
through the Ziggo forum in the Netherlands I became aware you guys are working on the Platoon tool to regenerate the Humax HMT and NTS files from the spts. Since I own a Humax 5050c, which has identical file structures, I started a couple of months ago with a similar tool, because I wanted to playback my HD Camcorder content from ext-USB HDD on the Humax. By now, I can regenerate pretty much all data of the HMT and the NTS files with no differences compared to an original recording made by the Humax, except for 1 item. The 7th field in each NTS recording contains a timestamp where I cannot identify the exact origin. Since this value seems to be used for playback (and trickmodes) it is pretty essential. For SD content the approximation (derived from the video PTS) is good enough, but for HD I see nasty side effects (the Humax plays back only once, thereafter the video stays black). Apart from this setback, the Humax is capable of playing back all (most) recordings with metafiles regenerated by the tool. The tool itself is written in C++ (Visual Studio) and I am working on a port to QT.
Would your team be interrested in shareing info on the format ?
My tool plus PDF containing a summary of the things I reconstructed are available on one of my portals : http://www.patrn.nl/Projects/5050c/5050c.html