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Oud 12 augustus 2009, 16:12
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Hi guys!

Sorry for not speaking dutch....but I recieved, without asking, a new modem by TNT today. Is it normal? if yes, what is it for? Do I have to send back the "old" motorola modem to Ziggo? What happen if I prefere to stay with the motorola?

Thanks for your answer!
Yes, this is normal for Alles-in-1 Extra.

You better connect it. It will enable higher speeds, both for upload and download. 20/3 wil move to 50/5, and later even more. The old motorola modem will not get you the new speeds.

You can send the old modem back using the box you received the new modem in for free (include the external power supply if applicable) using the address label included in the box.