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Oud 6 augustus 2009, 20:23
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Standaard 3 different routers...same problem...

Dear all,

my apologies for writing in English but my Dutch is not (yet!) good enough for explaining my internet problems with Ziggo in detail...

As far as I understand from the different postings here, many people share my problem that the internet connection is disrupted regularly when using a router together with the Ziggo Motorola modem. I used to have some disruptions from time to time but the intervals are in the range of minutes in the meantime what is definitively a bit too much...

I read explanations about problems with the lease-time of the Ziggo DHCP server and that _some_ routers may have problems due to wrong handling of the DHCP signals, resulting in the described disruptions.

I also read the hint to set the DNS servers of the router to the OpenDNS servers.

In the meantime I tried 3 different routers (Siemens Gigaset SE551, Linksys WRT320N, Sitecom WL-540) and there is no difference at all in their behaviour. This is strange especially for the Sitecom router as this one was delivered together with the All-in-One package by Casema.

When connecting the PC directly to the Motorola modem the connection is stable of course...

Do you have any hint for me before I go nuts?

Thanks a lot in advance!