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Standaard Voor mensen met een Linksys WRT160N versie 2/3

Er is nieuwe firmware, die mogelijke problemen verhelpt...

Linksys heeft voor zijn WRT160N-breedbandrouter nieuwe firmware uitgebracht. Hierbij moet wel op de hardware revisie van de router gelet worden; revisie 2 kan uitgerust worden met firmware 2.0.02 build 15 en revisie 3 kan uitgerust worden met firmware 3.0.02 build 3. Voor revisie 1 van deze breedbandrouter is helaas geen nieuwe firmware uitgebracht. De lijst met veranderingen voor beide uitgaves ziet er als volgt uit:
Version 2.0.02 build 15:
  • Fixed issue with downloaded files size reported.
  • Fixed improper wide channel when auto channel select.
  • Fixed failure to report wireless client statistics.
  • Fixed PPPoE disconnect button not sending out termination packet.
  • Fixed GUI when entering PIN for Wi-Fi protected setup.
  • Fixed GUI with Wi-Fi protected setup with Passphrase being more than 20 characters will cause connection to fail.
  • Fixed WPA or WPA2 phassphrase does truncates only allows for 20 characters.
  • Fixed DHCP client for router behind router connection.
  • Fixed DynDNS having problem with username and password improperly giving error message when Hose name is blank.
  • Fixed DynDNS allowing for more character than it is allowed.
  • Fixed Save settings button not always sending HTTP GET message.
  • Fixed GUI with Factory default screen.
  • Fixed conflicting HNAP action by two clients.
  • Fixed DynDNS does not send out updates request for IP change.
  • Fixed RIP does not reply with the next hop.
  • Fixed RIP changes does not go to effect immediately.
  • Fixed Domain name not being properly handled.
  • Fixed when setting to remote management, it gets redirected to Upgrade screen.
  • Fixed acceptance to non-valid wireless settings.
  • Fixed NTP with DHCP internet connection.
  • Fixed DNS not resolving URL.
  • Fixed L2TP internet connection improperly getting new IP address.
  • Fixed wireless not enable wireless when it is in disabled state.
  • Fixed video streaming not always working properly.
  • Fixed HNAP reporting of wireless client status.
Version 3.0.02 build 3:
  • Fixed double NAT issue.
  • Fixed issue with NMH series.
  • Fixed PPTP client cannot get ICMP response from Internet.
  • Fixed issue with NTP
  • Fixed issue with L2TP UDP packets can be recieved in Internet side.
  • Fixed TZO and DyneDNS not automatically updating.
  • Fixed some Wireless protected setup issue.
  • Fixed wireless channel 11 being unstable.
  • Fixed some wireless throughput issue.
  • Fixed UPnP issues
  • Fixed ICMP packet fails to go through when over 20% payload
  • Fixed QoS function when saving settings.
  • Fixed Access restrictions not working correction when time expires