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inmiddels deze link http://homepage.ntlworld.com/robin.d....html#nocmdiag gelezen: site is in het engels.

Inability to connect to cable modem diagnostic address

If you cannot connect to the diagnostic address given above, check the following:
  • if you have set up an explicit web proxy, ensure that you have included the cable modem address in the proxy exclusion list. See How to sidestep the transparent web caches for an example of setting an exclusion, or turn off web proxying for the duration.
  • if you have just swapped computers on the cable modem, see Swapping computers on the cable modem.
  • if you are using a NAT router between your PC and the cable modem, ensure that the router's own configuration will route data for out of the WAN port towards the cable modem.

Deze optie werkt voormij:
  • For many models of cable modem (and for the Surfboard or Tailfin when they are not online to the cable network), you must temporarily manually configure your computer to have an IP address in the same sub-net as the cable modem diagnostic address. For instance, if your cable modem address is, you would configure your IP address to be Remember to return your configuration to "automatic" DHCP working afterwards before you try going online to the network.

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