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Oud 11 juli 2009, 15:14
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Je DNSBENCH geeft aan dat je alleen je router als DNS-server geconfigureerd hebt.
hier staat een fritzbox als ik het goed hebt die werkt als draadloze router.

Configureer handmatig voor elke PC afzonderlijk (LAAT DHCP zoals het nu ingesteld staat; DNS-servers kan je apart instellen) dedicated DNS-servers b.v.:
hoe en waar doe je dat?
dit staat in oranje bij

Direct TCP access to remote SMTP servers (port 25) succeeds, but does not return the expected content.
This suggests that your network enforces a mandatory SMTP proxy which may or may not allow you to send email directly from your system. This is probably a countermeasure against malware abusing infected machines for generating spam. You ISP also likely provides a specific mail server that is permitted. Also, webmail services remain unaffected.

The applet received an empty response instead of our normal banner. This suggests that a firewall, proxy, or filter initially allowed the connection and then terminated it, either because it did not understand our server's reply or decided to block the service.
Your DNS resolver is unable to successfully receive a large (>1500 byte) DNS response although it advertises as EDNS-enabled. Your computer's clock is 6 seconds slow.

gegevens modum

Frequency 194000000 Hz Signal to Noise Ratio 37 dB Downstream Modulation QAM256 Network Access Control Object ON Power Level -6 dBmV The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new reading Upstream Value Channel ID 5 Frequency 20000000 Hz Ranging Service ID 8431 Symbol Rate 5.120 Msym/s Power Level 47 dBmV Upstream Modulation [3] QPSK
[2] 16QAM
Signal Stats Value Total Unerrored Codewords 259163783 Total Correctable Codewords 442 Total Uncorrectable Codewords 0