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Oud 23 juni 2009, 19:17
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Las net op een ander forum dat er ook een software update is die dit probleem oplost:

Q5481_0. 26.33.9
  • TV cannot store the channels from cable service provider, Kabel Baden-Wurttemberg.(Only applicable to country, Germany)
  • TV does not display the correct resolution for some PC formats and is forced to the 640x480 resolution.
  • While playing a media file in the root directory of the USB memory device, the Program +/- button does not allowed you to select another media file.
  • Unable to enter the network frequency for DVB-C installation.(Only applicable to country, Netherlands)
  • To preset/position analog channels from preset number 2001 onwards after channel installation.(Only applicable to country, Netherlands)
  • Channel disappeared from the original preset position and shifted to a preset number 16384 after installation update.(Only applicable to country, Lithuania, Czech Rep or Italy)