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Oud 19 juni 2009, 23:29
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Usually this problem is caused by the order that was entered in Ziggo's system when you ordered the ITV decoder. The system only accepts one change or order at any given time. Any other change or order that comes in while the earlier order is still "booked" is simply put on hold until the order is closed. In this scenario the order for the ITV decoder is the first one, the second one is where your Smartcard is supposed to be activated for ITV, which is when you will get to see the "afspeelknop".

The bad news is that sometimes an order gets messed up, by the system, by the administration or for whatever reason. This means the Smartcard cannot be activated untill the messed up order is closed. As a customer, there's not much you can do about that except wait, and putting a call through every couple of days just make sure at least someone is working on it. There's no telling whether the problem will be fixed within two days or a month.

The good news is that your subscription can't be booked into the system, which is, as I described, the cause of the whole problem. This is good news because this means that the subscription hasn't started yet, meaning you won't be billed until the Smartcard is actually activated, so no need for the hassle of asking for restitution.

This is the most common cause of this problem. It is not the only possible cause, just the one that I think is most likely, based on posts in this forum and my knowledge of Ziggo's system. You can however check for yourself whether the activation of the Smartcard is the problem; did you receive a letter from Ziggo, a "wijzigingsoverzicht", where it mentions the Smartcard number, the price of the ITV subscription and the date the subscription started/will start? And when you log on to MyZiggo, is your Smartcard number listed there with the ITV subscription? If the answer for both questions is "no", then the problem is what I thought it would be. Is the answer for one of them "yes", then it's most likely a technical problem and you'll probably have to ask for restitution yourself when the problems are solved.

In either case, especially the latter, the suggestion made in the post above mine is a good one to make sure the pressure is on Ziggo to fix this as soon as possible.
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