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Standaard horrible experience with iTV


I write this in english since I learned that my dutch is apparently not good enough.

Ten weeks ago I received the iTV receiver.
Everything works fine except that have no "afspeelknop". I call Ziggo every week. Every week they say that I should wait one more week. Then after one more week nothing is fixed and I call again.

Today I had a woman on the phone and she said the answer that I must wait and this is the only answer there is. I said that after ten weeks this is not a good answer any more since I have costs for the receiver and the iTV total subscription. I said that since I cannot use the services it would only look reasonable to me if Ziggo would be so helpful, take the receiver back and set my subscription fee back so that I do not pay for iTV any more. She said that the answer that I must wait is the only answer there is. I asked if she can put me through to a manager etc. so that now after ten weeks my problem would finally get attention an any which way ... she said ... the answer I must wait is the only answer there is. I then asked how long she thinks that I must pay & wait? She said she does not know the answer that I must wait ... is the only answer there is.

Folks, I feel that this is pretty ignorant. The lady probably did her best but Ziggo seems to ignore the customer here. I have also sent this by eMail via the Ziggo website ... but they claim that they do not understand me and I get only back letters not even refering to my problem that I do not have an 'afspeelknop'.

Can anyone of you please recommend me what a 'real' dutch person would do in such a case? For ten weeks I have been very nice, but honestly, if it goes a year like this I eventually have to see an advocat/lawyer. Can anyone from Ziggo help me so that I can send the receiber back, get my money back and have no further obligations? Or, even better get this fixed for me??

I am sort of very very disappointed.