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Oud 30 april 2009, 13:16
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I took another look at my modem log and I keep getting the following msg: SW Upgrade Failed Before Download - Server not Present SW file: TS070072_020509_EU.MODEL_7.USB.img - SW server: The software version on the modem is from Nov 2008, so that would account for it trying to update. It just doesnt want to find the server (which is one belonging to home.nl, according to dns lookup). Currently the modem, on boot, attempts a sw update (power on,US/DS blinking, online on), then all first 4 lights are on and the link/Tel.1 blink. That continues until I reboot it. I'm severely p*ssed off atm
I must say that the Tel1 keeps blinking at my modem to, that is normal here {@ my place I mean} because I don't have a phone-subscription with Ziggo only DigiTV and Z3i. I connected my modem the way they say it has to be done and I didn't use de cd to install the USB drivers and such. {Because I don't need them so why install them, right??}

I don't know if you used the cd to install the drivers but if you did perhaps you must un-install it {remove it from the Windows software-installer page} and than re-set de modem and see what happens next....

I'm sorry that it still doesn't work for you!!!

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