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Oud 29 april 2009, 13:19
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@Neilly: {perhaps you've done it already} but did you try to unplug it, wait a couple of seconds and than plug it "on" again?? You need to do that a view times before the modem works the way it should be! I understand you were able to activate the modem than you need to unplug the modem {electrity cable }, wait a view seconds than plug it on again and than it can endure 20 minutes before you have acces to the net.... It can happen that it doesn't go the way it should be, I did the unplug version four times and that was the trick for me....

Thanks for the reply, but I spent the whole of last evening doing exactly that. The last hour I did it in the company of an HD guy from Ziggo I had done it so often I was thinking of doing it in my seleep too Hopefully the engineer can help me...but Monday is so, so far away