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Oud 29 april 2009, 12:27
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Hi...sorry for using English (my Dutch would give you a headache, trust me) Yesterday I received my Docsis 3.0 Arris modem and set about installing it. Everything was going to plan...I activated the modem according to the letter etc, however the modem's US and DS lights kept blinking in sync as if downloading software (later confirmed from the modem status page). Then it would reboot and the process would repeat itself. I called the HD and they couldnt solve the problem so an engineer will come out on Monday to have a look, but I'm now without my connection as I couldnt reactivate my old modem. So, I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and were they able to solve it? I live in the 7545 area of Enschede. cheers, Neilly