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Oud 26 april 2009, 20:27
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Je hebt gelijk, het is weer zover en bij Ziggo weten ze weer van niets gezien de lege storingen pagina voor mijn adres. Ze zijn bij Ziggo/Casema dus nog steeds niet in staat om de signaal leverantie aan Ziggo/Multikabel gebied realtime te monitoren op dit veelvuldig voorkomende probleem. En nog erger: Er is dus nog steeds geen definitieve fix voor dit probleem dat zich voordoet sinds Ziggo/Casema de signaal leverantie heeft overgenomen.

Hi ArChie,

Pardon the English, but my Dutch is limited and I feel the need to ventilate.

This problem is beyond the point of rediculous. I mean, doesn't ANYONE who works at Ziggo watch digital TV....or do they just accept these ongoing problems as normal?

I was visiting my brother in Miami a few months ago. He's had cable TV in his house since 1983, digital TV (200 + channels) for 10 years and HD for around 3 years (40+ channels) along with shows/movies/sports on demand.....as well as pay per view. The set top box is as big (small) as a router. I asked him if he's ever had a problem with the signal reception, freezes, fallouts etc. He told me that he's NEVER had to call and report a problem because there's NEVER been one. The only time there was a loss of signal was when Hurricane Wilma came through in 2005.....but it was back on the next day! I'm not saying that America is better, what I am saying is if they can deliver a product 100% as advertised, with no problems.....why can't Ziggo do the same? Certainly America doesn't have the patent on this technology.....it's available worldwide. Ziggo employees: Why not take some pride in your work and give the public an honest product that works.....all the time!