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Oud 20 maart 2009, 20:23
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"alles-in-één-Extra" is the fastest internet+phone+digital-TV package.
The "extra" is just the internet speed and free on-net telephone-calls.

The digital-TV package is the same for all 'alles-in-1' packages, it has always been like that.

The reason why you had all channels for free is that there was an administrative problem with smart-card registration a few months ago. During that period all unregistered smartcards could view all channels, but that was not a normal situation. Normally this 'free-view' period should only last for about 2 weeks after you start using the smartcard for the first time. In this 2 week period, you have to register your smartcard. Without any extra TV-package you will have 30 analog and 60 digital TV-channels. For the other channels you have to pay (see the Ziggo website)
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