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Oud 20 maart 2009, 20:11
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Angry Alles-in-1 extra TV package

Hi guys!

I'm sorry, but my dutch sucks too much to write in your language, so, sorry but i'll do it in english

So here's my problem: I subscribed to the alles-in-1 extra package so months ago (so nornally, the maximum package available) and i was very satisfied: fats connection, phone and all the TV channels.

But yesterday during the night, nothing anymore on TV, error E19! I called the customer support and asked WTF was happening. They told me that my smartcard wasn't registered....ok....the guy transmit the phone connection to one of his colleague, i wait another 20mn and finally his colleague answer, ask me the usual questions, tell me he gonna reactivate my card but ask me which package i want....i tell him that i have the Alles-in-1 Extra, so that that normally i have all the channel. He tells me that no, i should pay for the film / sport / whatever channels. I insist a bit, thinking he understood that i had the alles-in-1 basic but no, he keeps telling me that i have to pay for extra channel.

I logon the website and....yes, i see that APPARENTLY, now the pay channels are in some special package....but i'm totally sure that 2 months ago, when i checked the website, there was all the channel in the list of the alles-in-1 extra package!

So what is this? is it me who sucks too much in dutch and i didn't understood that these channels were just for 3 months? Or did they made a sneaky change in the package offer?!

Anyway, i'm really disapointed

(PS: oh and sorry if my post is not in the right section, but as i already started, i don't speak dutch yet :-/ )