Discussie: HDMI problemen
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Oud 4 maart 2009, 10:28
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Tips of ideeen ?
De telefonische helpdesk van Ziggo kon me helaas niet helpen.
Iedere keer krijg ik iemand die de Cisco niet echt kent.
I forgot to cover this earlier, but the manual for the Cisco 8455DVB states that Ziggo is the support contact for this device in The Netherlands. (There might be a special phone-number, I don't recall.) It's not really acceptable that Ziggo cannot assist you. Unfortunately it's a third-party situation, which means getting someone to take responsibility for a problem is going to be quite frustrating.

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Volgens de winkel waar ik alles gekocht heb ligt het aande slechte HDMI kabel die bij de Cisco zit en moet ik een 'echte' dus dure kabel kopen.
Shops make a huge amount of profit on cables. I would ignore the shop when it comes to resolving technical issues, unless you're able to actually talk to a repair/technical department. Even then, I would initially ignore suggestions to buy new cables.

If you can, try to swap the cable with another from a friend/colleague. Cables can be a problem, but with digital they normally fail catastrophically or just work. If it can carry video, it can carry audio: HDMI transmits them both using the same wires and in the same way as far as the cable is concerned.