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Oud 3 maart 2009, 08:48
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Actually, missing this feature alone has tempted me to turn the Cisco:
  • The upscaler in the Cisco is pretty poor compared to my TV. So I want the Cisco to just pass it on through.
  • The Cisco does not report anywhere what the format for a channel actually is. This means I have to resort to Wikipedia's list of Ziggo channels to work out for a particular channel what the video format should be.
  • The manual clearly lists it as an option, and hence I expected the feature to be present when I bought the device.

In particular, due to the last point I currently consider the device defective. If not resolved within the warranty period I will be returning the device as such.

I can understand that Ziggo may want to have a default setting that will work out-of-the-box for everyone (including those with defective TVs which mis-report the formats they support). However it's very frustrating for the option to be removed for those that do want to use it.