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Oud 3 februari 2009, 09:54
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I think I'm gonna "go postal" on someone's ass..... if you know what I mean.

I received the following from Ziggo via email yesterday:
Dear Mr. Pxxx,
The following instructions may solve the problem:
- Unplug the networkcable and the powercable from the modem.
- Unplug the router (if you have a router connected).
- Wait for 20 seconds.
- Connect the powercable to the modem.
- Wait until the led's are on or blinking as usual (this can take up to 5 minutes).
- Connect the networkcable to your modem.
- Reconnect your router.
- Restart your computer and check your connection.
If these instructions don't solve the problem, we advice you to contact our Helpdesk at 0900-1884 (10 c/m).

With kind regards,
*** )
Afdeling Klantenservice

Did they NOT read my complaint?

I'm gonna try this (just to satisfy them again) and then call them and give them a piece of my mind!

Keep you posted.

mode edit : Did YOU NOT read the forum rules? : According those rules we agreed not to publish employee names for privacy reasons.

Oops... sorry, I missed that one. It won't happen again.

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