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Oud 2 februari 2009, 09:58
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Interesting to hear.... I will definitely be calling now.

FYI, I just sent the following via the Ziggo internet site...


Since Tuesday 27th Jan 2009 I have been experiencing internet problems which make it impossible to be able to use the internet.
I have also been experiencing voice quality problems on my telephone line in the same period.
I have called the helpdesk on 3 occasions and have been given weak and conflicting messages about whether or not there is a known problem and when it is likely to be solved.
I personally know of at least 2 other customers of Ziggo in the exact same postcode who are experiencing similar if not exactly the same problems.
To briefly describe the problem, it would appear that I do have an internet connection but that upload seems to be so bad that normal internet traffic is impossible as no information is sent from my computer when browsing. People who call me o I speak to on the telephone also report bad voice quality at my end. This was also recognised by your helpdesk.
I have reset my modem on several occasions to no improvement!
I would like to point out the this IS COMPLETELY UNNACCEPTABLE and needs to be solved as soon as possible.
I would like to receive a correct and accurate description of what the problem is and when it is likely to be solved.
I would also like to know how Ziggo intend to compensate me for the trouble and time spent on the telephone complaining about this problem and lack of telephone and internet service for at least 1 week now... and counting!
Please ALSO use the following email address (xxxxx) when responding to this complaint as I cannot be sure that I will receive your reaction to this complaint.
Regards, Neal