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Oud 30 januari 2009, 11:03
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No letter received from Ziggo about any maintenance.

Your problem symptoms sound EXACTLY like mine. Download from NNTP and HTML goes ok (ish)... no signficant problems, but upload seems to be non-existant. Meaning, browsing the internet is pretty much not possible.

Guy on the telephone last night said that my phone line sounded bad as well (am calling via ziggo) and that there were more modems offline in the wijkkast than online so something MUST be wrong.

He was sending someone to investigate last night... but I still have problems this morning (Fri 30th) and I should call back again if there was no improvement by this afternoon.

Power down of modem does nothing to improve my problem. Will be calling them again this evening and getting pissed-off if there's no improvement.

Keep you posted too.

PS, thanks for writing in English. If you prefer you can write in Dutch as I read it perfectly, I just sound like a 14yr old if I try to write Dutch