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Oud 30 januari 2009, 10:05
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Hey biker,

5051 here as well. Did you receive a letter about maintenance in the night of January the 28th?

My connection is crappy since then, download speed is quite allright but my upload is around 0 - 5 kb/s. This is a problem even browsing the net because you need to send info doing that as well.

I have called them 7 times already, and have performed the following actions:

1) Unplugged the power of the modem for
a) Ten minutes
b) Two hours
c) All night (last night)

2) I have a clean Vista install on both pc as laptop.

Funny thing is I caught the last guy saying that at least 12 others from this zipcode has placed the same complaints.

My personal opinion is that they are migrating to ipv6. You might have noticed that in hardware->network adapters (show all) some extra items have appeard;

- Teredo Tunneling Pseudo interface
- 6to4 adapter
- and perhaps some more.

This also shows when you run, cmd, ipconfig/all

It seems this migration has turned out for the worse. I am going to call them again this morning.

Keep you posted!

Gr. Thijs