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Oud 27 januari 2009, 18:37
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Ik verwacht dat de firmware niet veel zal verschillen van de satelliet versie (Humax FoxSat HDR)

In de handleiding van de FoxSat HDR staat het volgende:

• Accurate Recording – the product will track the start and end times of scheduled recordings meaning
the recording will start and stop at the times sent by the broadcasters. If a programme starts early or
runs late the record time will automatically be adjusted to record the whole programme*.

• Series Recording – if a programme you wish to record is in a series, you can now record the whole

• Schedule Tracking - If the programme changes to a different time or day the changes will be detected
and the programme will still record.

• Alternate Instances - if a scheduled recording(s) overlap with other programmes already set to
record, you will be given the option to record one of the programmes if it is repeated.

• Split Recordings - if a programme has two parts split by another programme in the Guide (e.g. a film
divided in to two parts by a News programme) both parts will record.

Note: The above freesat+ features are available on channels where the correct and accurate data is being
broadcast. Some channels may not support some/all services.
 Accurate recording is only available when the Record > Early Start Time & Late End Time options are set
to On Time.
Kan iemand bevestigen dat dit écht werkt?