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Oud 7 januari 2009, 22:12
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"The other recording method attempting to capture the whole programme being recorded is called autotracking. What happens here is the machine will keep an eye on the broadcast stream in case a programme is starting earlier than the scheduled time. Also, if a programme does not finish at the scheduled time, the machine can continue to track its progress even after the scheduled ending time so that the recording will finish properly. This is partly dependant on the broadcaster supplying the relevant meta data during broadcasting hours. At the receiver end, the FOXSAT-HDR will start tracking a scheduled programme start time 15 minutes in advance, even if the machine has to be woken up in standby to do so. When it gets to 4 minutes before scheduled broadcast time the tracking polling interval is set right down to every 10 seconds, resulting in very accurate recording start times, for programmes that have moved out of schedule."

Gaat dit ook werken voor de IRHD5050-C? Would be nice

Overigens, de eerste methode is het automatisch tijd voor en na de in de EPG-aangegeven tijden toevoegen.
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