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Oud 5 december 2008, 08:22
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Standaard Kitaro1 is a Hero!

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We will fix this one too.
Kitaro1 has fixed all four of my systems and I am now able to timeshift and record without problem. He is a hero!

The Ziggo help desk is peopled by other types of people, generally those that have no customer relation training and no knowledge whatsoever of the product or how to answer questions on it. I spent around 2 hours on the phone to them to try to explain the E101 problem which the response was you have to go back to your PVR supplier and it is not a ziggo problem.

When the system works it is great. When anything goes wrong the customer service would be better served by the residents of Artis.

Kitaro probably will get a job at a proper company soon and I wish him or her every luck - keep up the GREAT work!