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Oud 1 december 2008, 21:16
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Never tried to connect it via component, so can't say if it is restricted to 576P. Thought it was, but really am not sure (EDIT: Someone beat me to it above, apparently it is indeed restricted).

The box is only available in some parts of the Ziggo network, that is the former Casema area (mainly The Hague, Utrecht and surroundings). You live in Venlo, which is a former @Home area, so in your area the box formally is not available yet.

You can buy it however at some Mediamarkt stores, I know they were sold at Mediamarkt in Utrecht. Problem is that you can not yet update firmware in former @Home areas, which is annoying because you miss important fixes and features without that update.

It costs 428 euros.

Also please note that several users (including me) still report important bugs in the EPG and PVR part of the decoder and issues with the HDMI handshake. So I am not sure if you should already want to buy this.

My advice: Wait until they worked out the major issues in the firmware and the box is officially supported in your area. Also as said, from mid next year you can probably choose for another HD PVR as well.