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Oud 17 november 2008, 23:41
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Well, if the signal is encrypted, there is no active subscription and no billing...

About the encryption problem: As subscribing by phone does not seem to be possible, try subscribing by https://www.ziggo.nl/bestellen/?p_be...oid=TVZ2SMAREG (you might need to ask a dutch speaking person to help with the dutch form).

About the earlier signal problems: Most of these problems are caused by inferior in-house cabling. The Ziggo HFC network is shielded from interference from other signals. NG HD is in a frequency that is very vulnerable for interference so a smal problem in your cables and connectors does show up at this channel.

Try to connect your STB to the main outled with a coax cable as short as possible. If you still see signal problems, contact customer support.