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Oud 22 oktober 2008, 12:10
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Standaard Some questions...

Sorry this is in English, but my Dutch is not good enough yet to do this in your language.

I am recently moving from casema/wanadoo to Ziggo all-in-one and it's been a mess to say the least. 3 tries at getting my channels to stay, and 3 tries to get my phone number transferred to Ziggo...

It's not helped by the ever growing wait times on their pay for help-line system...

Part of the mess has resulted in my being sent another cable-modem and a form requesting I return the old one to a Postbus in Waddingxveen. The new cable-modem is exactly the same as the old (2 months old) one... so I am thinking I would just return the new one so waste is minimised... I'd like to drop it off to save mail costs. Is this possible?

Thanks for any help given.