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Oud 14 oktober 2008, 14:12
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Humax heeft al diverse firmware revisies uitgegeven voor de satfoxhd-variant. Waarom kan ziggo niet wat vaker een firmware uitgeven?

De IRHD-5000c zit op 1.00.04
De SatfoxHD zit al op 1.00.15

Software Version: HZPTSF 1.00.15
Loader Version: U7.22
System ID: 35F1.0000
Release Notes:
- HD MHEG Performance enhancements
- Added DDS Support to DVB Subtitles

OTA Due to commence: 7th Otober 2008

Software Version: HZPTSF 1.00.13

Release Notes:
- Lip-sync improvements for BBC HD
- Interactive Software improvements
- Display LED fix
- Scart loop-through fix
- i button now removes i-plate after 3rd press

OTA Due to commence: 4th August

Software Version: HZPTSF 1.00.10

Release Notes:
- DVI limitation resolved (1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i now available for HDMI > DVI connections)
- Screen Ratio and Picture Formats included for:

4:3 pillar box
14:9 Pillar box
16:9 Centre Cut Out
Note: Auto option will display picture format correctly if the TV (HDMI connection) set supports AVInfo frame


16:9 Letterbox
14:9 Letterbox
Centre Cut Out

- Lip-Sync improvements
- Automatic services/channel update support
- 4 Digit channel numbers displayed correctly
- Subtitle improvements
- Postcode Verification Improvements
- Interactive Engine Improvements

Software Version: HZPTSF 1.00.09

Release Notes:
- Lip-sync improvements for ITV-HD
- Original resolution option added for HDMI

Outstanding issue:
1. For HDMI > DVI connections - resolution locked to 1080i *

* Next update will to allow other resolutions for DVI connections

Software Version: HZPTSF 1.00.07

Release Notes:

- HD Content Management implemented (Analogue HD Output)
- MHEG engine improvements
- Device Driver update
- Selection issues of Channel Genre in Guide corrected
- Order of Genre List corrected
- Date in Guide > List View > date format corrected
- New OTA procedure included > OTA will take place at 3am

Software Version: HZPTSF 1.00.05

Release Notes:
- Resolved issue with clock when unit is in Standby
- Guide Channel Genre List in Full screen
- Added option to disable Channel Genre list (Menu > Settings > Other > Guide Channel Genre)
- Correct shortened name used when sufficient space is not available for full channel name

Software Version: HZPTSF 1.00.04
Release Notes:
- Essential Stability Update