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Oud 14 september 2008, 14:14
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Dear All,

My appoligies, first of all, for not addressing my issue in Dutch.

My problem is as follows:

I just got my Ziggo connection to the internet, and everything works when directly connecting one of my 3 pc´s to the modem.
But when I add the router, I´ll only have one of the computers working.
The others keep telling me that I got limited or no internet access.
I´ve fiddled with disabling DHCP in the router, and then in the modem - after turning it back on in the router, but this did not improve my result.
I´m not really an expert on networks, so I´m hoping someone´s got the same hardware, and can explain to me how this is done.
The setup works fine on my wanadoo ADSL modem, where I disable the DHCP server in the router.
Is anyone able to help me?

Thanks in advance!