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Oud 14 september 2008, 08:58
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Standaard EBU antwoorden

Zie onder nog wat correspondentie met mijn EBU vriend over de 720p-1080i correspondentie (hij heet Hans, ik heet Bert):

Dear Hans

Further to our previous mails , could you answer the following question:

When EBU states in the publication: Choice of HDTV Compression Algorithm and Bitrate for Acquisition, Production & Distribution

"For distribution, the EBU has already stated1 that the HD picture format for HD distribution should
be 720p/50 with H.264/AVC encoding. Recent EBU tests2 have confirmed this recommendation. "

was this test also performed on programs which were first recorded and/or produced in 1080i?

The reason i ask is because most people here in Holland preferred the 1080i to the 720p as provided by cable supplier Ziggo in the Netherlands

I hope you had a great holiday!

Kind regards,

ear Bert,

The test of the EBU at that time were done in two phases. Phase one with material that was shot in the native format. The IRT has then conducted tests with 1080i/25->720p50 converted material and has confirmed this, but under the following conditions:
- You really need to have a good standard converter (motion compensated) to gain from the benefits
- You have to take care on the signal chain

From exactly the experience and bad reputation 720p got due to low cost bad standard conversion we are currently testing between IRT, BBC, EBU a set of different vendors and price level standards converter to identify the impact on broadcast quality.

The good news here at IBC is however, that there is more and more commitment to progressive source signal future……..

Hope this helps and best wishes

It does, thank you!

Yes there is no doubt, also amongst the forum users that 720p far outweighs 1080i but not in the way it was done this year.

I guess the entire chain is on a steep learning curve. Perhaps for now, the broadcasters should record and edit in 720p so that there is no need for up and down conversion till 1080p becomes available.... Also we found that the bitstream is more important than was anticipated. BBC uses more than here in Holland and it showed!

Please allow me to thank you for taking the time to communicate with just an anonymus viewer. It is much appreciated!

Have a great weekend,