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Oud 11 september 2008, 21:39
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The BER number you see should be 0 and if its anything like on mine then you will see the number increase and decrease all the time BER number apparently counts errors so if you see a number you have a faulty receiver ..
No the receiver is not faulty, you probably have interference due to a bad in-house coaxial cabling. The BER (Bit Error Rate) is a kind of 'quality' of your signal. If there is interference or a weak signal, the BER is "higher than zero" and you have a problem. Sure it can be the receiver, but in 99% of the cases the problem is a signal problem.

Try to connect (as a test) the digital receiver by a short coaxial cable to the first-coax-entry-point in the house. (sometimes this is not in the livingroom, but near your electricity and gas meters). If there are no errors on your signal, the problem is in the in-house coaxial cables and/or splitters (nearby transmitters can penetrate your cables and interfere with cable-signals). If there are still errors when connected as described above, there may be problems in the signal supplied to your house and you should contact Ziggo.
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