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Oud 10 september 2008, 15:41
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I have excatly the same problem

Sometimes BBC just goes away

The same is also for BBC3 and numerous others ..
Have a look at the other channels
It appears BBC 1 and 2 is always the 1st to go ..
I have called ziggo numerous times now and the outcome is the receiver (Humax) is a pile of SH&% !!!!

If you have a picture on other channels but cannot see bbc check the bbc channel. Look at the Syetem setting and see if it gives you errors ...
The BER number you see should be 0 and if its anything like on mine then you will see the number increase and decrease all the time BER number apparently counts errors so if you see a number you have a faulty receiver ..
Honestly the service in Holland is really so bad I fail words to describe it
not only TV its just about anything you need customer service on ...