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Oud 1 september 2008, 12:39
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Standaard Ziggo vs voipbuster, signal quality etc

Dear All,

First of all, I´m sorry to not be writing in Dutch - please bare with me!
I currently have KPN and wannadoo, but I´m looking into having my internet and telephony operated via ziggo, who is already providing my tv-signal.
This is mainly due to that ziggo´s got a 16 mbps down/3 mbps up package, where I´ll only getting 1 mbit up with wannadoo.
But how is the quality and stability of this product? Experiences?
Also, I´m using voipbuster (from voipbuster.com) for alot of calls to outside of the NL.
Voipbusters server dials the number you want to connect with, and your own fixed phone number, and establishes the connection between the two.
In that way, the call itself is not using your own computer to call from, which is for me prefered: It´s nice to use my real phone for the calls.
But I suppose that there needs to be an agreement between ziggo and voipbuster FOR THE INITIATING SIDE OF THE CONNECTION. In other words: I want to know if it is possible to have voipbuster dialing my ziggo number (when I´m the dialer), where I will still get the same good rates as I get with voipbuster/KPN (to other EU countries, 5 cents when you place a call, and no count per minute afterwards).

I hope someone can help me here.


Best Regards