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Oud 15 augustus 2008, 22:05
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Standaard ik heb vandaag deze mail aan mijn EBU contact gestuurd

Hi Hans,

We spoke during Euro 2008 about the differences between 720p and 1080i as well as the quality difference between BBC, Eurosport and Holland 1.
Thank you again for your earlier replies.

Following complaints here in Holland our cable supplier (Ziggo) decided to provide both systems as a test, so one channel on 720p and the other on 1080i for the Dutch HD channel.
I should add that the forum members still feel that the Eurosport HD channel still beats both Dutch HD channels on picture and sound quality (perhaps due to other technical equipement or bandwidth)

The results on the Forum were almost universal in favour of 1080i, leading to our cable supplier to change from this coming Monday from 720p to 1080i on their regular HD channel of Holland 1 where the Olympic games are being broadcast!!

I am not sure why the perception of the viewers differs from the EBU tests which recommended 720p

It coul be that percieved quality differs from measured quality, or perhaps the EBU tests did not consider the quality loss of conversion of a 1080i broadcast (such as Euro 2008) to 720p. Finally perhaps the equipment used by EBU for her tests may differ from what the broadcasters are using for the conversion.

Either way I thought it important to keep you informed of the developments here in the Netherlands.

Some data:
Broadcaster is NPO (Nederlandse Publieke Omroepen)
Technical work is being done by Technicolor
Cable company is Ziggo

Kind regards,