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Oud 25 juni 2008, 21:24
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Klop, DVB-specs zeggen:

The AFD itself does not describe the aspect ratio of the coded frame (as this is described elsewhere in the MPEG-2
video syntax).
MAAR op wikipedia heeft iemand het volgende neergeplant:

By using AFDs broadcasters can also control the timing of Aspect Ratio switches more accurately than using MPEG signalling alone. This is because the MPEG signalling can only change with a new Group of Pictures in the sequence, which is typically around every 12 frames or half a second - this was not considered accurate enough for some broadcasters who were initially switching frequently between 4:3 and 16:9. The number of Aspect Ratio Converters required in a broadcast facility is also reduced, since the content is described correctly it does not need to be resized for broadcast on a platform that supports AFDs.