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Standaard Ziggo Linksys WRT54G NOT COMPATIBLE!!! PART 1

I have had bad experience with Ziggo (Casema). The complaint letter I've sent goes as follows:

I have a complaint about using my Linksys wireless router (model wrt54g v5 AND wrt54g v7) because I had to reset the router on a daily or more basis. I was told by one of your representatives on the phone that there was something wrong with my wireless router so I purchased another Linksys router, hence going from linksys model wrt54g v5 to wrt54g v7. AGAIN I had to reset it do a daily basis. I also changed all the cabling at home to ensure using undamaged cable but nothing helped. I came across a tweakers forum (http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/...ssages/1198321) and found out that this has been a problem since 2007 and has never been sovled, even with the new firmwares of Linksys. For these reasons, I demand a list of compatible wireless routers which work with your services. I need to purchase a new wireless router for the 3rd time and want to ensure a compatible router.

Thank you!


The response that I got from them was this:

Via de website heeft u een vraag gesteld over "PC2625 - Klacht - Internet - Storing: Verbinding en ontvangst".

We've heard that Linksys has released yet another firmware upgrade this week. If you use this version, the problem should be resolved. We cannot give you a list of reliable routers because we officially do not support them, let alone guarantee their proper functionality with our network. All routers using the international DHCP standard should work, but as noted, we do not support them.

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