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Oud 20 juni 2008, 16:02
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Overigens heeft de EBU net weer een update uitgebracht met aanbevelingen voor HDTV, en daarin blijft 720p de aangeraden methode voor productie en distributie.

For distribution, the EBU has already stated1 that the HD picture format for HD distribution should be 720p/50 with H.264/AVC encoding. Recent EBU tests2 have confirmed this recommendation.

It was found that:
• H.264/AVC requires up to 50% less bitrate than MPEG-2 (content dependent).
• Interlaced image format (1080i/25) requires about 20% more bit-rate than the progressive
image format (720p/50) to obtain the same subjective image quality.
• Statistical multiplexing between HD and/or SD data streams for video is recommended.

Impact of the production codec on distribution quality

Provided the production quality headroom is maintained according to the above recommendation (and even after multi-generation and independent of the type of production encoder used) it was found that the dominant image quality impairments are determined by the distribution codec.
When designing a production system, it is strongly recommended that broadcasters evaluate the final image quality, including the distribution chain.

Compleet document: http://www.ebu.ch/CMSimages/en/tec_t...tcm6-60599.pdf
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