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Oud 18 juni 2008, 20:42
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Standaard Meer nieuws van de EBU en ERG interessant !!!!!!

Yes orange is really good this year!

The questions arose on our forum as the viewers in Holland were in
some case able to see both the Dutch HD Broadcasting Ned 1 in 720p as
well as the BBC HD broadcast of the same Euro 2008 game which was
transmitted in 1080i over satellite.
[EBU] BBC transmits (I think) with up to 18 Mbit/s. Big difference to
11-12Mbit/s 720p. I also think the quality of the standards converter has a
big impact. I think the real good one is the Alechmist$$$$ from S&W.

The perception was that the BBC picture quality was significantly
better, leading to the hypothesis that as the stream was 1080i perhaps
in this specific case of a interlaced stream it would be better not
to try to convert back to a progressive picture.

[EBU] see above. With a good standards converter you gain quality at the
same bitrate of 720p and 1080i when using 720p. With a low cost one, 1080i
can look better at the same bit-rate.

Are you at all able to comment on this hypothesis? I should add that the forum readers totally agree without that progressive scan must be the future and interlaced is not. I guess however we had hoped that the transition to 1080p would have gone quicker.....

1080p/50 is (unfortunately) far away. Yes there is the 3Gbit link, some cameras, one mixer, but what we need is a fully IT based production
environment at economical conditions for the broadcasters.