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Oud 7 juni 2008, 10:39
abyss's schermafbeelding
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Geregistreerd: 6 juni 2008
Locatie: Den Haag (Ypenburg) Ziggo/Casema
Ziggo Internet: Alles-in-1 Extra
DTV: Humax iPVR 9200C super apparaat
Berichten: 64

eigenlijk hier om
  • Adjustment of transmit power of wireless LAN
  • Antenna selection
  • 14 wireless channels
  • 'Boot wait' protection (increase the time slot for uploading firmware via the boot loader)
  • Increased Port Forwarding & Triggering fields
  • Increased QoS Device & Application fields
  • Increased Access Restrictions Policies & Blocked Services fields
  • Command Shell
  • TELNET Daemon (access to shell)
  • Startup & Firewall scripts
  • Uptime and load average
  • Reboot button at 'Management' page
  • Additional filters to proxy, Java applet, ActiveX, cookies, port scans and P2P (blocks BitTorrent, Kazaa, WinMX, eDonkey, DC and Gnucleus)
  • WDS and Wireless Bridge (WET) capabilities
  • Static DHCP leases
  • Local domain names
  • Programmable SES button (wireless on/off button or run a custom script)
  • UPnP page to view and delete UPnP mappings
  • Site survey page to view other networks in your neighborhood
  • Secure Shell server (SSHD)
  • Wake-on-LAN from GUI (from qwerty)
  • Port redirection
  • P2P-specific QoS
  • Additional DDNS services
  • Raw print server for USB printers (HyperWRT Thibor SL only)
  • Bugs from the stock firmware fixed
  • Plus other improvements
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