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Oud 3 juni 2008, 23:35
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Locatie: casema
Ziggo Internet: Alles in een Plus
DTV: Humax HDPVR-IRHD5050-C HD Twin Tuner PVR
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Standaard oud model- Explorer 8455DVB


waarom gebruik Ziggo een apparaat die bijna 2 jaar oud is?

Dit zijn de specs
Expected availability Q4, 2006 !

Explorer 8455DVB™ HD/PVR and IP Media
Server* Features and Capabilities
• Records up to two programs simultaneously while
watching another (either live or previously recorded)
• 160 GB (80 hours) of hard disk drive storage with
additional options available
• Provides two H.264 standard-definition or one
high-definition HD decoder
• Dual SCART connector outputs
• Supports multiple picture formats (480i, 480p, 720p,
or 1080i) to allow optimum picture performance with
both standard and HD sets
• 32 MB Flash / 128 MB SDRAM
• Compliant with DVB-C, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 part
10/H.264 standards
• Supports PAL and NTSC video formats
• Complies with Nagra NASC 1.2 CA and Mediaguard
Smart Card
• OpenTV® Core 2.0 and PVR 2.0
• OpenTV application
• Optional EuroDOCSIS™ 2.0 Cable Modem Module with
200 MHz Processor with Dedicated Cable Modem Memory

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