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28 september 2009, 12:09

I recently purchase a DVB-T cam module for my Sony KDL 40Z5500. The specs show the sonny accepts DVB-T. The panel recognized the module, but cannot read the card. Stupid questions, but is the card from Ziggo a DVB-T or the DVB-C???


28 september 2009, 12:46
The Ziggo CI+ CAM is for DVB-C (Digital Video Broadcast - Cable). DVB-T is for Digitenne (DVB-Terrestrial). The Sony 40Z5500 has been approved by Ziggo, so it should work with the Ziggo CI+ CAM.

28 september 2009, 14:26
You must buy a Ziggo CI+ module. A DVB-T cam can't work with Ziggo.
See also this topic : I hope you can read a little bit Dutch.

And the official site from Ziggo:

For example. The Ziggo CI+ module (